My NC from A to Z Lesson Plans

S is for Songs Lesson Plan

Students will be able to identify different genres of music by NC African American artists.  Students will note the diverse musical regions of North Carolina. Students will create a "train route map" to understand that many people headed North during the Great Migration, with Raleigh as a key point of train departure. Students will retell biographies of select musicians and artists using the Great Migration as a backdrop for cross-cultural influences.

  • Grade Level(s): 3rd-5th grades
  • Time Required: Four to five 45-minute lessons
  • Subjects/Content being integrated: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Digital Literacy

T is for Thomas Day Lesson Plan

Students will solve a problem by creating a chair according to specific measurable attributes with at least three to five elements that are similar to the designs of Thomas Day.

  • Grade Level(s): K-5th grade
  • Time Required: Three to five 45-minute lessons (depending on ability and grade level)
  • Subjects/Content being integrated: Math and Visual Art

V is for Visionary Artists Lesson Plan

Students will compare and contrast two to five North Carolina African American visual artists by making art and Venn diagrams. 

  • Grade Level(s): K-5th grade
  • Time Required: Four to six 30-45 minute sessions
  • Subjects/Content being integrated: Visual Arts and ELA


Lesson plans developed by A+ Schools of North Carolina.