A Tale of Two Ships

Developing a Research & Interpretation Plan for Revealing Hidden Histories of One Ship with Two Identities

You may be familiar with the Queen Anne's Revenge...but have you heard of LaConcorde

During the 18th century, a French slave ship named La Concorde was captured by a group of pirates during a voyage to Martinique, and renamed the Queen Anne's Revenge. This ship would go on to serve as the flagship of infamous pirate Blackbeard's fleet before running aground and being abandoned off the coast of present-day Beaufort, NC in 1718. However, the history of LaConcorde--and the story of the enslaved people aboard the ship during its capture--is hidden. "A Tale of Two Ships" serves to begin the process of revealing that hidden history. 

The project aims to develop a plan for continuing collections research and interpretation using archives and artifacts, to reveal and retell these stories for the benefit of public audiences for years to come. Funding will allow for the creation of this plan through a variety of methodologies, including archival and artifact research; focus groups; and public programs. 

This project is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and executed in partnership with the Queen Anne's Revege Conservation Lab (Greenville, NC).