About Us

The North Carolina African American Heritage Commission works to support two primary groups: African American heritage practitioners and community stakeholders.

Heritage Practitioners

We work strategically with African American heritage practitioners to preserve and protect North Carolina’s African American history, arts and culture. This includes people like curators, docents, museum educators, cultural center directors, preservationists and historians (academic and public) who (1) are African American or (2) center their work on African American history, arts or culture. We provide non-financial resources to these practitioners, including technical assistance and professional development opportunities. In some cases, we collaborate with them on projects initiatives that align with our mission.

Community Stakeholders

Our programs and initiatives enable us to serve people across the North Carolina who are interested in our state’s African American history, arts and culture. We work independently and collaboratively to develop creative tools—including traveling exhibits, publications, digital resources, heritage trails, workshops, and public programs—that promote North Carolina’s African American history, arts, and culture for all people.