The Wilson Biltmore Hotel

Green Book Category
Years Listed
1938-1941, 1947-1956
Coastal Plain


The Wilson Biltmore Hotel was listed in the Green Book as “The Wilson Biltmore—539 E. Nash” in the “Hotels” section in Wilson from 1938-1941 and 1947-1955 and as “The Wilson Biltmore Hotel—539 E. Nash” in Wilson in 1956.1

The Wilson Biltmore Hotel was listed in the Green Book from 1938-1941 and 1947-1955 but does not appear in city directories or fire maps. Local historian Lisa Y. Henderson has extensively researched the site and found that the Hotel Union (early 1900s), a boarding house (1910s), and the Whitley Hotel (mid-1920s) were located at 537 E. Nash, 535-537 E. Nash, and 541 E. Nash, respectively. (Please see notes, below, for a link to this research.) 2

City Directory records for Wilson indicate that Libby McPhatter’s Cafe was located at 539 E. Nash Street in 1941; the building that housed the cafe was constructed after the original building at this address was destroyed in a fire.3

Essay by Brandie K. Ragghianti, 2022


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