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Harrison’s Drug Store was listed as “Harrison’s—908 Dickerson St.” under “Drug Stores” in Greenville from 1947-1955. The street name was incorrect; the business was located at 908 Dickinson Avenue. This is a white owned business.1

Harrison’s Drug Store was a white-owned business established by Louis Swepson Harrison around 1940 and owned by Louis and his brother, Thomas N. Harrison. Louis Harrison Was born in Littleton, Halifax County in 1899. He served in the Student Army Training Corps as a student at North Carolina State University in 1918. He found work as a drug store salesman after college, likely at Harrison’s Drug Store (owned by his brother, Thomas N. Harrison, in Littleton). Louis graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Pharmacy (Ph.G.) in 1925.2

Louis married Winnifred K. Tadlock in 1938. At the time of his marriage he was living in Greenville and working at Pitt Drug Company. He soon opened his own drug store at 908 Dickinson Street. By 1950, his brother, Thomas N. Harrison, had relocated to Greenville and was co-owner of  Harrison’s Drug Store.3

Harrison’s Drug Store did not exclusively serve African Americans and advertised in a range of publications, including in The Carolinian (a Raleigh-based African American newspaper).4

Louis and Thomas Harrison owned Harrison’s Drug Store until at least 1962. They were both retired at the time of their deaths; Louis passed away in 1969 and Thomas died in 1971.5

Essay by Brandie K. Ragghianti, 2022


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Advertisement, The Carolinian, September 7, 1946

Advertisement, The Carolinian, September 7, 1946

Advertisement, The Carolinian, September 7, 1946Contributed by Olivia Raney Local History Library. Available at DigitalNC.org