Green & Chavis Taxi

Green Book Category
Years Listed
1939-1941, 1947-1955
Piedmont North


Green & Chavis Taxi was advertised in the Green Book from 1939-1941 and 1947-1955. In 1939 it was listed as “Green & Chavis – 720 Eaton Street” under the “Taxis” category in Greensboro, which was a typo. From 1940-1941 and 1947-1955, the business was listed as “Green & Chavis - 720 Eaton Street” under the “Taxicabs” category in Henderson. Clarence L. Greene (also Green) operated  a taxicab business from this address; research has not yet revealed where the “Chavis” in the business name comes from.1
Green & Chavis Taxi was a business operated from the home of Clarence L. Greene, a World War I veteran from Henderson, North Carolina. He married his first wife, Beulah Baptist, in 1920. Clarence L. Greene was enumerated as a taxi driver who worked from his home at 730 Water Street in 1930. He moved his family and his taxi business to 720 Eaton Street by 1938.2

In addition to operating a taxi, Greene worked a number of odd jobs over the years, including as a janitor at Rose’s, a tobacco worker, a painter, and a general laborer. In 1940 he worked as a truck driver for a farm supplier.3

Clarence and Beulah Greene built a new home at 720 Eaton Street in 1951.  Beulah passed away in 1965 and Clarence later married Louise Taborn. Clarence continued to live at 720 Eaton Street until his death in 1973; his occupation was listed as “Cab Driver" on his death certificate.4

Clarence Greene’s home is still standing and is a private residence.5

Essay by Brandie K. Ragghianti, 2022


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