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Covington Restaurant was listed in the Green Book in 1950 as “Covington—9111 No. Yard” under “Restaurants” in Hamlet, NC.1
Covington Restaurant was listed in the Green Book in 1950. There were many people with the last name “Covington” enumerated in the census for Richmond County in 1950 and research has not yet indicated whether any of them owned this restaurant. Mrs. Edna Covington Taylor owned  a significant amount of land in Richmond County and may have been affiliated with the business. C.B. Covington, a local businessman who may have owned Green Book business C.B. Covington Cabin, is also a good candidate for the restaurant’s proprietor.2

North Yard was located north of Hamlet and was a small, unincorporated African American community during the Green Book era. North Yard is known as Dobbins Heights today.3

Essay by Brandie K. Ragghianti, 2022


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