Anchor Inn

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Road Houses
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Coastal Plain

Anchor Inn was listed in the Green Book in 1941 as “Anchor Inn—” under “Road Houses” in Goldsboro. No street address was given.1

The Anchor Inn was advertised in the Green Book in 1941. Little information has been found about this business. The business was open from at least 1940-1948. It has not been found in city directories from this time period but was periodically mentioned in passing in newspaper articles. The Anchor Inn was mentioned in an article about a car accident on Highway 117, about 2-3 miles south of Goldsboro. The accident took place “near the Anchor Inn.” A 1948 article noted that the Inn was owned by Willie Sherrard and was located on Mt. Olive Highway.2

A community member shared that the Anchor Inn may have been located near the intersection of W. Pine Street and S. Carolina Street. This is near Highway 117, where Pine Street intersects with George Street.3

Essay by Brandie K. Ragghianti, 2022


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