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Design a Green Book Advertisement Ruth and the Green Book Activity Sheet
Word Find FAQ - Green Book Project in NC
Write a Postcard Vocabulary for Young Audiences
Activity Answer Keys
Guide to Discussing the Jim Crow Era with Youth


Extant Sites

Did you know that 63 Green Book sites are still currently standing in North Carolina?  View this essay for a complete listing of these businesses separated by regions and cites, along with the years they appeared in the Green Book.

A Bumpy Road Through the Past: Revealing the Ups and Downs of African American Life During Jim Crow

Traveling North Carolina roads during the Jim Crow era reveals a complicated life of triumphs and contradictions navigated by African Americans.

White Paper

Interested in what it took to execute the NC Green Book Project?  Learn everything from project management systems, research methods, community-engaged information gathering strategies, and more.


Restrictions & Hostilities

Sheltering African American Celebrities

Overcoming Indignities & Dangers

Activism & Citizenship

Mentoring the Next Generation